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Electrical services are our passion and we at Illusion Electric have dedicated our time and energy in understanding every aspect of electric. Our services are comprehensive and include electrical contracting, installation, repairs, wiring, 3rd party testing which it called acceptance testing. Count on us for our electrical services in Glendale, CA.

Regardless of the size of your next electrical project, we are equipped and trained to be the best choice for you in your electrical installation company decision. Our electricians are certified and experts of the field. Hiring only the highest of integrity is important to us, and that is why we hand pick our electricians to make sure our own standards are met.

There are many different aspects of electrical work and we can help you plan, estimate, and execute every component of your next installation regardless of the size. Working as a team we can help you determine which areas need the most attention, what materials and costs may be a factor, and provide professional advice on various lighting designs and fixtures.

We also offer LED lighting services for those business that seek such a service. LED lighting is unique in its installation, wiring, and hardware. Being the expert of LED lighting, we can help you decipher the options available to you and choose the best solution for your lighting needs.

The market is ever evolving with new and trendy lighting alternatives and we are excited to follow the industry and make illuminating the Glendale area through integrity and reliability that we can offer you the most state of the art, up to date lighting options available on the market.

By providing the highest of electrical services and expertise, our company is dedicated to your satisfaction. Building upon our growing customer base, one wire at a time.

Illuminating the Glendale area through integrity and reliability.

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